Workshop I – Programme Rome, April 7-8, 2014

Workshop I  – Programme

Rome, April 7-8, 2014

CGIL, Corso Italia 25  – Room F. Santi (1st floor)


07 April 2014 – 14h/17h

Arrival of participants. Registration.


Fausto Durante, Head of Cgil European Secretariat

Ivano Corraini, Head of Cgil Legal Office

Introduction and co-ordination

Lorenzo Fassina, Cgil Legal Office


1st session – EU law

The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU (CFREU): general and historical/evolutive introduction. The relations with other sources of protection of the fundamental rights (National Constitutions, European Convention on Human Rights – ECHR). The CFREU and its impact on UE law and on the national law.

Giuseppe Bronzini, Judge of the Italian Supreme Court

The issues still open:

- direct and “horizontal” effect of the socio-economic rights of the CFREU

- effect of the ECHR (national case studies: the peculiarity of the Italian case)

Giuseppe Bronzini, Judge of the Italian Supreme Court (ITENES, FR)      Reference Jurisprudence: CGE 26.2.2013, C‑617/10, Fransson (art. 51)

Coffee break

The principle of the primacy and tools to guarantee the effectiveness of the EU law:

- direct effects: disapplication, compliant interpretation, damages;

- access to the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU): direct and indirect complaints.

Chiara Favilli, Associate Professor of EU law, LUMSA University (1: IT, EN, ES, FR) + (2: IT, FR, EN, ES) + (3: IT, EN, ES, FR)

20,00h Dinner at Restaurant


8 April 2014 – 9h/12h

Introduction and co-ordination

Andrea Allamprese, Cgil Legal Office


2nd session – From labour law to the EU law

- From the fact to labour law in a historical/evolutive perspective: main cases

- The protection of workers in the functioning of the principle of non-discrimination: rules, limits and potentialities.

- Focus on subjective conditions and individual/collective conditions of contract in the anti-discriminatory EU law.

Laura Calafà, Associate Professor of labour law, University of Verona (ITEN, ES, FR)

13,00h Lunch


3rd session: Proceedings – 14h/17h

The access to the CJEU

1. Preliminary ruling – Essential aspects.

- notion of national jurisdiction;

- right/obligation of the Judge to refer to the CJEU;

- constitutional Court and CJEU;

- the effects of the judgement/order.

2. The proceedings.

- the three different kind of proceedings;

- the different proceeding phases;

- the main rules of the proceedings.

Chiara Favilli, Associate Professor of EU law, LUMSA University (IT, ENES, FR)



The role of the ETUC: when can it be involved in the proceedings?

Wiebke Warneck, ETUC Legal Advisor

Rules of procedure of the CJEU : the open issues

Rudolf Buschmann, Rechtsschutz GmbH – DGB, Lecturer of labour law University of Kassel

Tecniques and strategies for the protection of workers’ righs before the CJEU (ITENFR, ES)

Vincenzo De Michele, Lawyer


End of the workshop.

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