Agenda of the Final Conference

Final Conference

27 January 2015

Room B ITUH – 5, Boulevard Roi Albert II, Brussels


9h30 Welcome address

Fausto Durante, CGIL European Secretariat

Ivano Corraini, CGIL Legal Bureau


Chairperson: Emilio De Capitani, Executive Director Fundamental Rights European Experts Group


9h45 First session:

Socio-economic rights and the Charta of  fundamental rights of the European Union


Egils LevitsCourt of Justice of the European Union

Perspectives for the Impact of the EU Charta of Fundamental Rights on European case law


Giuseppe Bronzini, Court of cassation

The protection of the social, individual and collective rights, throught the EU Charta of Fundamental Rights five years after the Lisbon Treaty


Filip Dorssemont, Professor of Labour Law. Université Catholique de Louvain

The right to information and consultation in Article 27 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union (Text) (Slides)


Chiara Favilli, Professor of EU Law, University of Florence

The effective protection of fundamental rights before the European Courts in the light of the adhesion of the EU to the European Charta of Human Rights


12h30 Lunch


13h30 Second session:

Trade union rights and right to strike in the light of the European Charters of Rights after the Laval quartet


John Hendy,  barrister in London and honorary Professor, University College, London

The protection of labour rights before the European Court of Human Rights. Reflections from RMT case law


Rudolf Buschmann,  Legal Advisor Rechtsschutz DGB, Lecturer at the University of Kassel

Tensions between trade union rights in the EU Charta of Fundamental Rights and the European Charta of Human Rights (EN)


Laura Calafà, Professor of Labour Law, University of Verona

Individual and collective dimension in anti-discrimination law. Reflections from Fiat case law (IT)

European Trade Union Confederation Legal Advisor


Isabelle Schomann, European Trade Union Institut

ETUC proposals to address the current unbalance between economic freedoms and fundamental social rights

Presentation of the operational guide

Andrea Allamprese, CGIL Legal Bureau

Lorenzo Fassina, CGIL Legal Bureau

16h30 Closing remarks: Wiebke Warneck, European Trade Union Confederation

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